Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Golf Club at Cedar Creek. On behalf of Cedar Creek and the Wilson Golf Group, we would like to personally welcome you to your membership investment and commitment to the game of golf. Cedar Creek is designed and developed in keeping with the rich traditions of the world's greatest game, combined with an enriched ability to create a premium experience at a realistic value driven price. Play Golf ...Play Golf...More Often!

  • (608) 783-8100 Clubhouse
  • (608) 783-8300 Golf Shop
  • David Cornelius (General Manager PGA Professional) 
  • Tom Speltz (Golf Course Superintendent)
  • James Menard PGA Professional (Golf Shop Manager)
  • Tammy Sobotta (Food & Beverage Manager)
  • Mark Hofschild (Executive Chef)
  • Amanda Cabada-Arenal  (Bar & Grill Manager) 

Each member must check-in at the golf shop tee-sheet prior to his/her round of golf at The Golf Club at Cedar Creek. Corporate and Limited Members are required to inform the golf shop if they will be playing 9 or 18 holes. Every member is required to register his/her guest at the golf shop prior to playing golf at the Golf Club at Cedar Creek.


Planned groups of five players are allowed at The Golf CLub at Cedar Creek. All groups of five players will be monitored for pace of play. Please be courteous of other golfers when playing in a group of five players. Please avoid groups of five players when possible. Groups of five players are never encouraged at The Golf Club at Cedar Creek.  Groups of 5 that do not follow the Golf Club at Cedar Creek pace of play policy will be asked to break into 2 groups.

Pace of Play

The recommended time allotted for the completion of a golf round at The Golf Club at Cedar Creek is 4 hours and 10 minutes or less for an 18 hole round, and 2 hours and 5 minutes for a 9 hole round. The amount of time allotted is more than adequate, provided all golfers remain aware of the rights of others to play without delay. It is the responsibility of each group to keep pace with the group ahead of them. If a group falls more than one complete hole behind, that group is obligated to allow any groups, who may be waiting, to play through. However, the best option is for the slow group to close the gap between themselves and the group in front. Every member has the responsibility of remaining observant of his/her position on the golf course. The staff at The Golf Club at Cedar Creek have the authority to keep play moving at the indicated pace listed above.

Proper Golf Attire

All golfers are required to wear proper golf attire. Items similar to those sold in the Golf Shop are considered appropriate. Appropriate examples include but are not limited to: jeans, khakis, shorts of modest length, collard shirts, and mock neck shirts. Inappropriate examples include but are not limited to: jeans with holes, pants or slacks with holes, cut-offs, tank tops, or traditional t-shirts. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Golf Shop Manager or General Manager for more information.

Guests Playing Cedar Creek and Cedar Creek Members Playing Other Private Facilities

The Golf Club at Cedar Creek allows members from other private facilities to play at The Golf Club at Cedar Creek on a limited basis. The decision is made at the discretion of the Golf Shop Manager or General Manager. Guests from other private facilities are charged outside guest fees and are required to follow all club guidelines outlined on this page. The Golf Professional Staff or General Manager from the private facility must prearrange a tee-time through Cedar Creek's Golf Shop Staff or General Manager. If members of The Golf Club at Cedar Creek wish to play another private facility, the same procedures apply. Please contact the Golf Shop Manager or General Manager of Cedar Creek to schedule a tee-time at another private facility.

Club Handicaps

Club handicaps are determined in compliance with the USGA handicap system. Every member is encouraged to post a score for each complete 9 or 18 hole round played. All scores posted must be attested. All members playing in club events must have a WSGA handicap to be eligible for play.


Soft Spikes Only!  Soft spikes, alternative spikes, or tennis shoes are allowed.

Misconduct for definition purposes is improper interference, in the broadest sense, with the proper functioning of activities of the Club or action which otherwise damages the Club. Based upon the above definition of misconduct, the following shall constitute misconduct:

  • Disruption of, or improper interference with administrative, sporting or social activities of the club, whether on club premises or elsewhere.
  • Obstruction of, or improper interference with the functions, duties or activities of any fellow member, member of staff or visitor.
  • Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening or offensive behavior or language while on club premises or during any club activity.
  • Fraud, deceit, deception or dishonesty in relation to the club or it's staff or in relation with being a member at the club.
  • Behavior likely to cause injury or impair safety on club premises.
  • Sexual, racial or any form of personal harassment of any fellow member, member of staff or any visitor.
  • The use of any unfair means in competition.
  • Damage to, or defacement of club property, or the property of other members of the club caused intentionally or recklessly.
  • Misuse or unauthorized use of club premises, or items of property, including computer misuse. No member should ever use a club computer excluding the golf shop tee-sheet which has been designed for member use.
  • Conduct which constitutes a criminal offense where that conduct takes place on club premises or effects and concerns other members, staff or general public.
  • Off-site harassment of staff or conversation negative towards Cedar Creek or any of its customers or employees.
  • Inappropriate e-mail correspondence.
  • Inappropriate social media posts.

What happens if a member violates the code of conduct ?

The "Member" is responsible for the actions and conduct of him/herself, his/her dependents, children and guests. Improper conduct may warrant a warning and further action, as deemed necessary. Cedar Creek Management will address all allegations of misconduct. Possible sanctions may happen in the following order: verbal reprimand or written warning to be followed by possible suspension from the club.

Members with golf privileges may have guests. A member is expected to play with his/her guest or make arrangements for another member to play with his/her guests. If the member is unable to play with his/her guests, permission for his/her guest to play must be obtained from the General Manager or Golf Operations Manager of the Golf Club at Cedar Creek.

A guest may play the Golf Club at Cedar Creek (6) times during 1 calendar year. A guest with a primary residence of at least 50 miles away from the Golf Club at Cedar Creek may play (12) times during 1 calendar year. A member on leave is considered a guest.

A single member may have up to 7 guests at one time. Any amount of players over 7 is considered an outing. Members may obtain special permission to have a golf outing on days other than Monday or Wednesday from the General Manager or Golf Shop Manager at the Golf Club at Cedar Creek.

A member of the Golf Club at Cedar Creek is responsible for his/her guests' conduct, dress and any indebtedness to the Golf Club of Cedar Creek that the guest may incur.

Cedar Creek News, a periodic e-mail from Dave Cornelius, General Manager is sent to inform members regarding club activities or specials. We also leave information on the golf shop counter during the golf season. We also use the bulletin board just inside the entrance to the golf shop for sign-up sheets for events and general club information. We will also send e-mail announcements with links to areas of our website regarding membership information. We will also update our Facebook page for general information concerning the club's events or specials.

A section of the Cedar Creek Website is available to golf members only. Visit and register for access to the member only portal. The portal is a primary source for online tee-times, yearly golf club schedules, and year-to-year membership renewal.

Upon joining Cedar Creek, all members are given the privilege of a clubhouse charge account. All members have the choice of either paying cash, personal credit card or signing a charge slip for each transaction/purchase at Cedar Creek. The billing period ends the last day of each month and a bill will be sent shortly after that time via email. Members may pay their monthly bill by cash, check or credit card. Members are required to pay their member charge monthly by the tenth of each month. Any member charge that becomes 60 days past due will receive a 2% late charge.

When do I receive the Club bill and when is it due? Bills are e-mailed or mailed during the first few business days of each month and are due by the 10th of the month. After 60 days a 2% finance fee will be added to outstanding balances. New members are automatically enrolled in the electronic statement system. All members are encouraged to open all e-mail correspondence from Cedar Creek.

Is there an installment payment plan for the initiation fee? There is an optional installment plan. You may pay the initiation fee in 5 yearly installments.  We offer a great program to new members to help make playing more golf, more often easier! Your initiation fee can now be amortized over 5 years. After 5 consecutive years of membership, we will credit back half of your initiation fee for you to apply to your annual dues in year 6.

Refunds A refund of the initiation fee (less sales tax) will be permitted only under the following conditions: A member may receive a refund of their initiation fee if they must relocate within their first year of membership due to their employment and their new permanent address is fifty miles or more away from The Golf Club at Cedar Creek. Retirement will not be considered an employment change. Initiation Fees Are Non-Transferable

Leave A member may for a period of 3 years retain membership without fiduciary responsibility. A letter must be delivered to the General Manager of Cedar Creek to identify the wishes of the said member. After 3 years, said member will then either be responsible to pay dues or resign from membership. Resignation must be in writing. Upon return after 4 years, the said member will be required to re-pay the applicable initiation fee.

Other Fees 2021

Clubhouse Fees

Amenity Fee
Locker $85 + tax
Club Storage $120 + tax
Club Storage w/Electric $195 + tax
U.S.G.A Handicap Index $33 + tax

Cart Fees

Riding Carts 18 Hole Cart Fee 9 Hole Cart Fee
Fee per seat $17.00 + tax $10.75 + tax
Individual Annual Pass $1150 + tax
Annual Cart Pass per Additional Person $750 + tax

Range Membership

Pass Fee
Member Use of Range $260 + tax
Member Plus One Use of Range $370 + tax
Member Plus Two Use of  Range $440 + tax
Family Membership Use of Range $475 + tax

Guest Fees

Guest Type 18 Hole Greens Fee 9 Hole Greens Fee
Guest of Member $59 + tax $33 + tax
Guest of Member Mon & Wed Reduced Rate $45 + tax $25 + tax
Senior Guest of Member $50 + tax $28 + tax
Senior Guest of Member Mon & Wed Reduced Rate $40 + tax $23 + tax
Junior Guest of Member $30 + tax $17 + tax
Junior Guest of Member Mon & Wed Reduced Rate $23 + tax $13 + tax

2021 Tentative Schedule

Check in the Golf Shop each Month for an updated Schedule of events.

Membership Pricing Guides 2022

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