The Golf Club at Cedar Creek is a Private Golf Club located in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Even though The Golf Club at Cedar Creek is a Private Golf Club our PGA Instructional Staff will accept non-members for instruction. The Website contains a great deal of information regarding our golf instructional programs. Please give us a call if you desire more information at (608) 783-8300 April-November or (608) 783-8100 ext. 212 year around.


Teaching Philosophy

The goal for players is to make golf simple. Golf is the most individual of games. No two swings are exactly the same. The golf swing should be designed to help get the most from your body type and other physical characteristics or limitations.

Three Basic Swing Principles

  1. Control the angle that the club face returns to impact combined with solid contact.
  2. Control the path of the club head.
  3. Maximize the speed of the golf club to create an effective swinging motion.

Remember! Key fundamentals make golf easier and fun!

Our Teaching Process

Here at the Golf Club at Cedar Creek we do not just teach you to swing the club correctly, we are fully equipped to help you in all parts of the game including club fitting, full swing, putting, sand game, on course strategy and a complete formulation of a game plan to help each student reach their specific needs.  We would like to say we have reinvented the wheel! However, the golf swing has not changed a great deal over the years. What has changed is the understanding of fine mechanics, biomechanics, golf exercise, equipment and equipment fitting, and video analysis. It is much easier today through a variety of techniques and analysis to detail a specific plan for each student to enhance their golf swing and mental attitude.

There are many ways to swing the golf club and play the game efficiently. We do not generally believe in one method or exact teaching system. Fad teaching is a myth and good solid fine mechanics are much more efficient over the long term. Whether you are a tournament player trying to elevate to that next level with fine mechanics or a recreational player out to enjoy your hobby to the fullest, our golf professionals will develop through a variety of techniques and analysis a program to suit each individuals needs. We have found that golfers respond best to good basic mechanics, re-sequencing and simplification of the golf swing. Determination and a strong will with the drive to practice and play will elevate students to long term improvement.


Tips For Picking The Right Teacher

We believe at Cedar Creek that before taking golf lessons we should give you some basic thoughts to help you in your decision making process. Our golf professionals want to make your experience the best possible. Not only do we want you to play golf well, but we want you to have a great time every time you play or practice golf. Like any good or service that will take disposable income from your pocket and require valuable time, you should follow basic principles before you make a purchase. Finding the correct instructor for your individual needs is imperative. There are many golf instructors to pick from in any market. Like with anything else, each student will need to find the most appropriate solution for their needs. Here are a few thoughts to consider before taking lessons.

Know What You Would Like To Spend

Golf lessons can be very expensive. But some are more expensive than others. A teacher that is more expensive can be a great instructor, however expensive is not necessarily the best. There are many teaching professionals who are less expensive but still outstanding teachers. Do not always think expensive is better.

Make Sure Your Goals And Commitment Match

A golf instructor needs a great deal of help from the student to succeed. For every lesson the teacher and student spends together, the student must match many hours of proper practice to produce quality results. The higher the student's goals, the more extended practice needed. Be realistic.

Private Lessons Versus Golf Schools

Both private lessons and golf schools have very valid strengths. Private lessons allow for more one on one follow-up continuing education, a true building block step by step approach. Schools offer an intensive amount of information and a less intimidating more social environment for the student. Schools usually cover a very large amount of information over a short period of time.

Pick The Right Instructor For Your Personality And Needs

Every golf instructor's best advertising is their past students. Ask your possible future instructor about their teaching background, philosophy and the use of video. Beware of the instructor that has one method and teaches each student the same! This basic process should give you an idea of how personalities and philosophy will match up.

After these basic steps you should be able to decide what type of lessons and the type of instructor that you desire. It's imperative that you choose an instructor who's personality meets common ground with yours. Going to a teacher you do not like will keep you from learning. It is important that an instructor's goals match yours, and that your commitment matches your goals. Once you've made your choice, go full throttle and never give up. You will find your scores lowering, your basic techniques improving and your general level raise to a greater level of excitement.